Balance & Fall Prevention

Individualized programs designed to keep you confident, upright, mobile, and on-the-go!

The confidence to live your best life

Do you find yourself looking for something to grab on to, using a cane, or avoiding walking because you’re afraid you might fall? 

You’re not alone.  More than 33% of adults 65 and older experience a fall each year, with 30 % of those resulting in moderate to severe injuries.  

Many of these falls can be prevented.  Factors such as weakness, joint stiffness, pain, sedentary lifestyle, and getting older are all factors known to increase the risk of falls.    At Pursuit Physical Therapy, we help improve each one of those factors (we even found the fountain of youth 😊

In our detailed balance and fall prevention program, we will assess your risk factors and establish an individualized program to keep you confident, upright, mobile, and independent.  

If you want to test your balance, or develop a program to improve your balance, schedule a balance evaluation.  We commit to getting back to you within the same business day! 

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