PATIENT Testimonials

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Pain Free

I was struggling to recover from spine fusion, came to Traverse City for the summer in 2017, hoping to find a strong PT. I scheduled appointments with PT’s at 3 different centers, was very unimpressed by the first two who took a very predictable approach. Met Nick Hawkins who combined traditional PT with the extraordinarily impactful Applied Functional Therapy. Nick is extremely strong diagnostically and developed a very personalized approach to my condition. He is also very motivational and encouraging in style; as a result, I did the exercises between sessions which stabilized my progress. When I started, I couldn’t walk to my car without pain and I stumbled on my feet; by the end of the summer I could hike 7 miles pain free! Nick made such a difference in increasing my overall fitness and vitality that I worked with him on a regular basis for 2 more summers!

Kate L.

Unfailingly Positive

I came to Dr. Nick with a painful acute rotator cuff injury as well as chronic sports injuries and surgical complications. I was a mess, to be honest, and my confidence with my body’s ability was at an all-time low. Dr. Nick listened intently to my limitations and concerns. He developed a custom program to assist with not only the shoulder injury, but underlying imbalances which were compounding chronic issues and causing the daily pain that so many of us needlessly endure. Dr. Nick is unfailingly positive and supportive. He helped me stay accountable to myself, cheered on my successes and let me know that setbacks are all part of healing. After following all the exercises as prescribed, my shoulder was pain free without needing surgery in about 4 months. The difficulty of the exercises increased with my tolerance until I was back to full function. I continue to work with him on my underlying injuries and am so impressed with his professionalism and expertise that I referred both my parents and my business partner to him. I am the president of Dr. Nick’s fan club, and would recommend him to you in a heartbeat!

Cammie B.

What A Great Moment

Nick’s attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I arrived the first time with surgery on my mind regarding a lifelong knee issue. Within 10 minutes he explained that the issue wasn’t my knee at all, the true issue was causing my knee to fail miserably. What a great moment!  Since then I’ve enjoyed my sessions and have been improving greatly since then. The technology in use is fantastic as I can reference the videos of what stretches and exercises that I need to do with phone, it doesn’t get much easier than that. Not to mention the camaraderie of the visits is a blast. Nick is as good as they get and I can’t wait to refer him.

Brad P.

Finally Pain Free

A few years ago, I suffered from chronic knee pain that limited my workouts and made it impossible to participate in any competitive activity.  I was constantly in pain.  After multiple failed diagnoses and treatments, I decided to try PT.  I was fortunate enough to be referred to Nick Hawkins.  Nick’s treatment made an immediate impact.  After 6 consultations and a home stretching regimen, I was finally pain free and back in the game! 

Jesse S.

Inspired Me

Nick is a good listener.  He designed my therapy to improve my ability to do the things I wanted to do without pain. His exercises are creative and challenging. He inspired me to do my daily exercises.  I enjoyed working with him.

Janine D.

such a positive experience

Working with Nick has been great. His ability to motivate and communicate made it such a positive experience.   His encouragement, personal approach and customized plan made it so much easier to achieve my goals.

Barry G.

completely better

I cannot say enough how grateful I am to Nick for his expertise. When I came to him, I had such pain in my hip and leg that I could hardly sleep, drive or walk. I was physically and mentally exhausted. Right away I began getting relief, and now it’s completely better. I have such piece of mind knowing that as I age and things hurt I have an alternative to taking medication.

Grace H.

Very Professional

I would like to thank Nick for all the hard work to get me back in the game. I have been going to Nick off and on for 2 years for my hip, knee’s, shoulders.  He is very professional and follows through with you. I was able to walk again, fly fish, and Kayak again. Thank you Nick.

Aggie O.

always made it fun

I looked forward to going to physical therapy with Aaron.  He challenged me to work my hardest and always made it fun.


Back To No Pain

After hurting my foot and not being able to dance, Aaron helped me get back to no pain and doing all my favorite activities.


back to playing the game I love

After a serious Achilles tendon rupture Aaron used his expertise and background in athletics to design rehabilitation program for me geared around basketball to help me train and strengthen my injury.  Through this program I was back to playing the game I love in 6 months.