Running Analysis

Get freedom from the frustrating pain and discomfort of repetitive injuries and get back to running Northern Michigan’s beautiful trails and pathways.

I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.

Running is a beautiful thing.  It is such a great way to improve your mindset, relieve stress and it leaves you feeling accomplished.  However, as a runner, you are intimately aware of how its repetitive nature can cause injuries to pop up, leading to frustrating pain and discomfort.   This can quickly derail you from enjoying your favorite form of exercise.

At Pursuit, we want you to continue to run, and we have a process to facilitate this.

  • We video record your running technique from several angles, with varying speeds.
  • We perform a running strength and resilience assessment where we analyze your body’s strength in ways that apply specifically to running.
  • We develop a personalized plan that will increase your resilience for running and decrease pain and discomfort.  If you love to run, or do it for exercise, we would be honored to perform a running analysis and develop a plan for you.  

Give us a call to schedule.  We commit to getting back to you within the same business day! 

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