Physical Therapy

Visit either of our Northern Michigan offices to get a customized physical therapy plan based on your specific needs and imbalances. 

Getting You Back In Action

Muscle imbalance that gradually occurs is normal.  We can all feel when this happens.  We know our bodies very well.  You feel yourself standing differently, getting up from a chair differently, walking differently, reaching differently into the top cupboard, squatting in an awkward way to pick up something from the floor, and the list goes on. 

In the short term, we can get around these imbalances, our body is a healing machine.  However, over time this becomes re-occurring and leads to aches and pains during some of our favorite activities.  If we let this go on too long, it changes our movement patterns entirely and leads to chronic issue.

The solution is to address these imbalances before they turn to chronic issues.  At Pursuit, we pride ourselves in spotting these subtle imbalances.  We believe we have the best diagnostic skills in the world when it comes to musculoskeletal imbalance.

When you come in and see us we will diagnose and more importantly develop a customized plan based on your specific imbalances.  We will directly focus on addressing these imbalances to optimize movement, decreasing stress in the system, allowing the body to heal.   The key to physical therapy is it needs to be individualized to you, and it needs to be one-on-one care. 

We promise that will be your experience here with us. 

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