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At Pursuit, we begin with the truth that movement results in happiness, health, and resilience. With this in mind, we are committed to creating a customized plan with you to create ease of movement. We want you to get back to feeling your best. More than ever, we want you to be happy, healthy, and resilient!


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① Schedule An Appointment

In order to fix it, you need to know what caused it. During this one-on-one consultation, your physical therapist will help discover the root cause of your pain.

② Get Your Personalized Plan

No guess work here. It’s time to initiate a laser focused treatment plan designed just for you.

③ Get back to doing your favorite activities

You’re feeling and moving better. Don’t stop this momentum! Let’s surpass your baseline mobility and get you back moving better than ever.

Our Mission

Pursuit is dedicated to building happy, healthy, and resilient communities by empowering people to live an active lifestyle, without restriction.


tell us where you’re experiencing pain to learn how we can help

Head & Jaw Pain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Back Pain / Sciatica

Hip Discomfort

Knee & Leg Pain

Elbow & Arm Pain

Wrist & Hand Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

PATIENT Testimonials

we love helping our patients live their best life

Back to playing the game I love 

After a serious Achilles tendon rupture Aaron used his expertise and background in athletics to design rehabilitation program for me geared around basketball to help me train and strengthen my injury.  Through this program I was back to playing the game I love in 6 months.  

Chuck S.

Unfailingly Positive

Dr. Nick is unfailingly positive and supportive. He helped me stay accountable to myself, cheered on my successes and let me know that setbacks are all part of healing.  I am the president of Dr. Nick’s fan club, and would recommend him to you in a heartbeat!

Cammie B.

What A Great Moment

I arrived the first time with surgery on my mind regarding a lifelong knee issue. Within 10- minutes he explained that the issue wasn’t my knee at all, the true issue was causing my knee to fail miserably. What a great moment! Nick is as good as they get and I can’t wait to refer him.

Brad P.

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